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Meditation: A useful technique for achieving mindfulness

March 27,2016 09:52 am

We sit in a conference room on red swivel chairs, quiet, motionless, eyes closed. We turn off our senses just like we turn down the house lights, switch off the television, and close the garage door...

Cultivating a Quiet Mind

March 27,2016 09:33 am

The following questions and responses are presented for the better understanding of meditation. Familiarity with meditation's guiding principles and techniques can be a first step to beginning a...

Taking Responsibility for Our Thoughts

March 27,2016 09:16 am

One of the first insights of vipassanā practice is the recognition that the mind has a mind of its own. When we finally begin to attend to the dynamics of our thinking pro­cesses, we realize that...


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The vision of Advancing Mindfulness is to help us experience joy and happiness in our daily lives. It is a journey that can be achieved through knowledge, awareness, and practice.

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