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Male Spirituality and the Second Half of Life

March 27,2018 10:05 am

At the conclusion of my annual eye exam, my optometrist addressed me with that dismaying preamble, “I’m sorry to tell you this.” I braced myself for the bad news. After giving me a moment to imagine the worst, he announced, “You’re going...

Jon Kabat-Zinn talk in Memphis

March 25,2017 09:09 am

With the war in the Middle East and missile testing in the Far East, the world is not a peaceful and compassionate place. But our day-to-day lives need not be that way. Here in Memphis, we have many opportunities to cultivate compassion. Last...

A doctor puts his mind to mindfulness

March 27,2016 10:04 am

A few summers ago during a week-long vacation, I started playing a mind game. In the mornings, I would sit outside on a comfortable deck chair, surrounded by the shrill call of cicadas, and gaze across the lawn into the trees. After getting settled,...

The benefits of meditation

March 27,2016 09:54 am

This summer’s Disney-Pixar movie “Inside Out” makes us think about our thinking. But, I wonder, first of all, “can we even think about our thoughts?” In fact, over the summer with campers at Lausanne Collegiate School, from junior...


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Advancing mindfulness is the adaptation of an ancient Eastern practice, making it practical and applicable for the West. It is through mindfulness that one can learn to improve life, both mentally and physically. Advancing Mindfulness provides the tools necessary to incorporate mindfulness into your own life...

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The vision of Advancing Mindfulness is to help us experience joy and happiness in our daily lives. It is a journey that can be achieved through knowledge, awareness, and practice.

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